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Why would you create an IPTV website and get our Reseller?

It is no surprise that the latest and advancing technologies has opened the door to many new services and devices. Most of these new discoveries have become an indispensable part of our lives, isn’t it? One such discovery is the IPTV or internet protocol television. In this article, we are going to discuss the concepts of IPTV and the many aspects related to it. Before we delve into the details, we need to make sure that you know the basics. So, let’s get started with the very basic question of all.

What is IPTV?

IPTV or Internet Protocol television is basically, watching entertainment over the internet! It allows users to access television content without having the need to subscribe to any satellite or dish provider. This obviously allows you to cut down on those extra cable charges and switch to a more economical alternative. Technically speaking, video content is delivered through TCP/IP protocol suite as against traditional cable or satellite signals. So, what does that mean to the end-user? A lot of benefits of course.

Benefits of IPTV

The viewers can access television programs easily by simply having a high speed and dedicated internet connection. As a result, the video content is of high quality and reliable.

You are typically freed of all wire-borne connections and requires no use of cables at all!

Customers can select only the video that they need while the content remains in the network itself. This enables high functionality and convenience.

It is an interactive and two-way service, unlike conventional cable subscriptions. You can request specific tv programs to be delivered to you.

IPTV based services are compatible with almost all display devices including TVs, projectors, computers and mobile phones.

IPTV is no doubted, more cost-effective and scalable than traditional satellite or cable providers.

In a traditional TV network, all programs are broadcasted simultaneously. The viewers can select a program by changing the channels. Basically, the television channel service decides what the viewers need to watch and at what time. This is different if you have options to choose video-on-demand service though! (some operators provide this)

However, the IPTV service sends only one program at a time. This gives you a better quality of service and flexibility to watch your favourite program and any time of the day.

So, if you may consider the current popularity and widespread acceptance of the concept of IPTV, it is indeed a good idea to get involved in the IPTV business after all. One option for you to make profitable business out of IPTV is to become a reseller or create your own website providing IPTV services.

If you are still wondering whether developing an IPTV website is worthwhile or not, then keep reading. Here we list all the possible benefits for you to own an IPTV website of your own.

Why should you create your Iptv website?

  • You can enable your own tv streaming video service and earn money out of it.

Many companies are now offering this service allowing customers to access television content on any device. By creating an IPTV website for providing services, you can now stream videos through a host network and be a part of the profitable network. Familiar with big names like Hulu TV, Sling TV, Pluto Tv, DirecTV now? They are the big names in the paid versions of IPTV service providers. If not big enough, you could also benefit something out of owning your IPTV website, isn’t it?

  • Your website will portray your services diligently

A good user-friendly website is the most engaging and interactive platform to display an array of products and services in any business. It is no different in the case of an IPTV service. Your IPTV website should be such that it gives a clear-cut idea to the end-user of the uniqueness and reliability of your services. The customers should be able to quickly and efficiently be able to choose programs they want to watch. Without any hitch

  • Low investment is required in creating a website and reselling IPTV

You can rely on efficient and technically strong IPTV service providers for the content while focusing only on the website development part. Low investment is thus required to start the IPTV business as you will only have to get indulged in the development of the website on a reliable and trustworthy website platform. You can borrow all other technical knowledge from the IPTV providers. Thus, getting a good and low-cost website done is basically about getting good marketing done for your job at a much cheaper rate!

  • You can choose your mode of payment and transaction options

While setting up your IPTV website for selling your services, you have the flexibility to decide the way you wish to receive your payment. The options to your billing system from customers can be different and varied depending upon the nature of your customers. Most people may wish to pay through credit or debit cards, while some may like to make easy online payments like PayPal, Paytm and such.

  • You get to have full control over the content

Having your own IPTV network, ideally means that you have full ownership over it. This typically translates to the fact that you can decide the content of the videos that will be featured on your IPTV website. Traditional or conventional television providers have strict restrictions and limitations over the programs that can broadcast. Moreover, most of their programs also have time-bound regulations. IPTV allows you to deliver content of your choice to your customers without any hassles. It’s all your choice!

  • You can avoid advertisements in the contents

Let’s face reality here. Nobody likes advertisements! Unless the audience is keen to see something that’s entirely intriguing or interesting, advertisements are mostly not everybody’s favourite. Viewer’s engagement in the videos is affected when advertisements are displayed in between programs. Online providers are usually forced to monetize their videos online on their websites through advertisements. This can be avoided if you have your IPTV website. You can decide whether you wish to include any advertisements and the nature of the advertisements if any to be displayed. Bet more customers would be happy to watch their favourite TV shows without ad interruptions.

  • You have a wide audience to target

IPTV essentially relies on the internet and nothing less. Considering the wide popularity and availability of the internet and the acceptance of the content by people, we think it is the best way to target your audience. IPTV allows you to reach an innumerable number of people, unlike other media. Anybody with a reliable and high-speed internet connection is eligible for using IPTV services. You can streamline your data content according to the customer’s requirement. Imagine the number of loyal customers you could acquire an IPTV website (if you offer good service, of course!)

  • You can adapt and adjust according to viewer’s demand

As and when you learn what the audiences prefer, you can accordingly tweak the videos to suit their needs. This is in contrast to normal television viewing, where the customers have no option but to stick to the content being broadcasted at that time by the provider. With an IPTV provider website, you can change and adjust content based on the viewership. So, what kind of demands do the audiences’ generally have? To know more of that you also need to know what IPTV services can offer over conventional tv services!

IPTV basically comes in three different types.

  1. Live IPTV
  2. Time-shifted IPTV
  3. Video on demand

Live IPTV, basically means broadcasting live TV programs over the internet as they are being watched. This essentially looks the same as any TV channel, as you get to watch the programs as they are happening in real-time.

Time-shifted IPTV, as the name suggests allows the customers to view programs at a time that is after the original broadcast. This is especially useful when you are sure you will miss that favourite show on a particular TV channel. IPTV allows viewers to head to that particular show that is already broadcasted on TV and watch it over the IPTV service. Isn’t that convenient?!

Video-on-demand IPTV allows users to browse through the catalogue content of programs that have already been broadcasted on TV. Vide creators can charge money for the content to generate revenue for their IPTV website.

Now that you have an idea of the kind of variation that you have to bring about in the video content, it will be easy for you to cater to specific audience demands.
  • There is great scope for IPTV services in the future.
In the past, IPTV typically required a set-top box to transport and display content. However, many apps are in development and with smart TVs getting smarter day by day, a set-top box is no longer needed! There are many advancements in this field and the prospects are highly aspiring. This new digital TV distribution method has unique advantages and potential. IPTV is free of many technical constraints, but yet to overcome some legal constraints though in certain countries. IPTV is certainly future-proof, flexible and the most economically viable at the moment.
  • Many people are currently choosing IPTV over traditional TV.

With many app developments and technological changes, IPTV is quickly striding at the forefront of entertainment media like no other. People can access IPTV data by simply owning a smart TV, or mobile device and a reliable internet connection. Current app development in the field has made IPTV connection as simple as ever at the mere click of a button! So, it goes without saying that the customer database is prone to only increase if you manage to provide services within customer satisfaction.

Now, that you are aware of the benefits, we are sure you won’t hesitate in creating an IPTV website of your own. But, before you plunge into business, here is what you need to keep an eye on while creating an IPTV website.

  • 1

    Make sure to enable efficient multicasting on your network.

  • 2

    Make the right choice when choosing the video resolution and bandwidth for your audience.

  • 3

    Make sure to future proof your IPTV website and system. There are many changes that you may have to include in the design in the future.

  • 4

    Understand the do’s and don’ts while selecting your choice of programs to be delivered through your IPTV website.

  • 5

    Make sure to choose a good and efficient platform (like WordPress, Shopify etc) to build your IPTV website.

  • 6

    You should take help from a professional to create the IPTV website if you are not familiar with it.

  • 7

    Make sure to check competitor websites before kicking off with your own design. There could be a lot that you could get inspired.

So, with a lot of changes being seen in the industry, broadly defined channels and rigid schedules have moved out of their way to paving way for the narrowly focused and pay per view concept of IPTV. Television and internet are already being considered as not separate entities, but a merged body as prominently seen in many cases today. IPTV is the perfect example of combining both at a much lower cost than that being offered by many telecom and broadcasting companies today.

As time progresses, almost all households will switch to high-speed internet connections that work over fibre-optic broadband networks with speed of more than 100Mbps. IPTV providers then can provide QoS or Quality of service at its best. The convenience, control and interactivity of IPTV will definitely lure more people into this service in the future.