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Which devices can access IRON IP TV?

Our IPTV services can be accessible through all Smart TV sets (Samsung, Sony, LG...), all Android devices (STB, phones), Apple TV, iPhone, MAG box on STB Emulator app, Fire Stick.

What are all the services we provide?

IRON IP TV is a top class TV streaming service which you can directly access through your internet connection. Here we have introduced newer technology so that you can have exceptional streaming experience with thousands of live channels that are found on the internet to a compatible device or app.

As you know, the internet has changed the world around us. And nowadays millions of people are streaming content over the internet. Here we provide you quick and easy access to those stream sources.

What is a MAC address and why do you need it?

You need to use a MAC address (unique identifier code ) for connecting with any IPTV services. The MAC address always takes on the form 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX
To connect your device, you need to follow the instruction steps given with your device. On all IPTV-Set Top Boxes you can find this directly on the sticker underneath the box.

What if I am using Android?

For all android devices you would need to download STB emulator and follow instructions in our set up section.
The steps are
Settings - Profile - STB configuration

What is STB emulator?

It is the most common app we use for setting up the streaming service on your device. This STB emulator can be found in the Google Play Store for all android devices.

In case you are using an android smartphone, or an android box, or an Amazon Firestick you will be required to download and configure this application to stream online.

The app is how you will access your service. It will generate a MAC address for you (which you provide to us) and allow you to enter and access our portal using our portal url.

The STB Emulator is available for free but the paid version comes without ads which people prefer to use.

What to do if my streams are lagging/buffering/freezing?

Mostly such problems happen due to unstable internet connection at user end. Instead of using WiFi, we recommend you to use Ethernet cable for streaming. If you are still having lag, restart your device. While you can check whether your device's RAM and ROM is handling the streaming.

The problem from our server end is quite rare and even if such things happen, we provide you the assurity to quickly repair the connections. You can also contact us and generate tickets regarding your issues so that we can fix them in no time.

Does multiple devices affect my data consumption?

Yes! If you are using multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, HDTVs and using it with a single Wifi connection, the data consumption significantly increases. Be aware of the devices connecting to your Wifi and turn off the Wifi on the device when not in use as most apps and a lot of websites keep consuming data, even when you are not using them.

What to do when my STB is blocked?

If you get a message stating that your STB is blocked, it means that your subscription plan has expired. Please renew your subscription by re-ordering with us.

Why do I need a strong WiFi password?

When you are streaming videos, you need high speed connectivity. The more people you have on your network, the more will be the chances of getting lags in your streaming experience. And besides that it also makes your network vulnerable where people other than yourself can intercept your data (Emails, Docs, & other important info). So to avoid such unauthorized usage of your network, you need to have a strong password.

A strong password consists of at least six to eight characters (and the more characters, the stronger the password) that are a combination of letters, numbers and symbols (like @, #, $, %, etc.). Passwords are typically case-sensitive, so a strong password contains letters in both uppercase and lowercase.

Is it necessary to switch off modem/device when not in use?

It is not necessary to switch off your device when not in use, but it definitely helps you to save electricity and put less burden on your Internet. A lot of websites and apps keep consuming the data, even when you are not using them, thus it is important to turn off the Wifi on your devices when not in use. Another benefit is that when your device is switched off, hackers cannot target them. So it's better to keep your device off when not in use.

How do I get an additional connection to my subscription?

Aside from your original plan, you can also order to get an extra connection for €2.50 EUR only.

What’s the most suitable plan for me?

If you just want to have the wonderful experience of our streaming service, you can start with a one month plan only for €12.50 EUR or three month plan for €30.00 EUR.

But if you are looking for a long time streaming service with the best pricing, then you should opt for a 6month plan at €55.00 EUR or 12 month plan at €75.00 EUR only.

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